What is Pride Time?

Pride Time at EMS

What is Pride Time?

At EMS we believe that students learn best when they are known, when they are cared about, and when a teacher has time to give them individual attention. Pride Time at EMS offers social and emotional support and academic mentoring for students and fosters meaningful relationships between students, teachers, and peers. Such relationships and support create "connectedness" in a middle school which provides a direct impact on achievement and choices.


When is Pride Time?

Pride Time is a separate 37 minute class during the regular school day.


What will I learn?

Teachers will be using the “In Focus” curriculum that is being adopted district-wide.  More information on “In Focus” can be found here:



In addition, during first quarter we will be spend each week focusing on a specific character trait as a theme for each weeks curriculum:

Week 1/Week 2 Team Building/Building Community

Week 3- Responsibility

Week 4-Trustworthiness

Week 5- Respect

Week 6-Kindness

Week 7- Resilience

Week 8-Unity

Week 9- Leadership


After 1st quarter we will be using this time to flexibly group students to meet  the individual needs of students by implementing enrichments and supports.


Will I get a grade?

Pride Time is a pass/fail class and students will not receive a letter grade.


What should I bring to class?

Charged iPad, journal, pencil, and binder with notebook paper. Teachers may request additional supplies.