Erie Uplink Tiger Packs

                  Does your student need a Tiger Pack?  Tiger Packs contain snacks, and or personal care items for your student and will be distributed discreetly for your student, before a school break.  Tiger packs are confidential, need-based and available only to students residing in Erie or attending Erie schools.

At the elementary level, the backpacks are black backpacks distributed through the counseling or health office or in the classroom, empty backpacks need to be returned for us to re-use each month. At the Middle School level, a grocery bag of items will be discreetly given to your student. At Erie High School, students can “shop” for food, personal care items, and school supplies in Tiger Pantry in the main office. EHS students do not need to register. For families with four or more children in the home, we supply a box which they must pick up from the school they select. The electronic registration form can be accessed from our website at and paper copies are also available in each school office.

Erie Middle School