Dear Parents and Guardians,

Parent/teacher conferences will start Tuesday 9/25 and continue again on Thursday 9/27. We’ll also have conferences next week Monday 10/1 and Thursday 10/4 in case you are unable to attend this week. To schedule your appointment on Meet The Teacher click HERE.  Student should attend conferences with parent/guardian.

Since the district is using a new platform in order to sign up for conferences, please understand that no matter what time you choose, you will have a 20 minute block with all four of your child’s core teachers (who are organized by teams). You will sign up by your child’s Science teacher if your child is in 7th or 8th grade, and Language Arts if in 6th grade. Again, all four teachers will be available for your 20 minute time.  Elective teachers will be available for drop in before or after your scheduled 20 minutes.

Finally, teams with the four core teachers will be available in the following rooms:

6th grade =

D107, Orange Team

  • Comeaux, Duhon, Gisclair, Stecina

D105, White Team

  • Gruen, Over, Rebbeck, Reed


7th grade =

D138, White Team

  • Bennett, Fenster, Klein, Ramina

D132, Orange Team

  • Brand, Kervan, Martin, Thompson

D133, Black Team

  • G. Harris, Kleidon, Ryan, Velasquez


8th grade =

C107, Orange Team

  • T. Harris, Kurz, Loy, Simms

C118, White Team

  • Butte, Kemp, Jensen, Morris

D133, Black Team

  • G. Harris, Kleidon, Ryan, Velasquez

Your student’s state assessment scores report will be available for you to pick up during conference nights near the front office in the hall.  If you are unable to attend conferences, we will send the report home in the mail.  If you would like more information about how to read student scores, please click here to link to the Colorado Department of Education website. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through a new system and look forward to seeing you at conferences.


EMS Staff