Dropping off items in the front office?

In an attempt to not disrupt our classrooms and student instruction, please let your student know to check in the front office during their passing period or at lunch time for items that may have been brought in to school. If items are not picked up by a student, office staff will have it delivered to classrooms by student office aides.  Office aides change quarterly so delivery times can varyCurrently we are delivering items at 9:39 and again at 10:27.

If a lunch is brought in and not picked up by lunch time, they are taken to the cafeteria.  There is a very large white board in the cafeteria that says “Got Lunch?”.  Your student can check to see if their name is on that board to find out if their lunch has been delivered to school.

If an instrument is brought in, our student office aides will deliver it to band/orchestra.  If your students gets to class and their instrument has not been delivered, please have your student talk to their teacher so they can come check the front office.

If your students calls, emails or texts you for an iPad or another item, please instruct them to periodically check the front office for that item.

Thank you in advance for going over these procedures with your student. 


Erie Middle School