Attendance – Every Student, Every Day

Dear Parents/Guardians:

At Erie Middle School, we stress, “Every Student, Every Day.” That idea drives not just our desire to reach every student who walks our halls, but the goal that every student is present to walk those halls in the first place.

Therefore attendance is of the utmost concern to us and the district. In fact, the district has a new goal that ties in with attendance–Strive for Five–which simply means that students are not missing more than five school days over the course of the year. While we know that sickness and life events happen, we believe that students perform better and have a higher opinion of school when they are involved in the school where they attend.

Currently our school attendance daily rate is just over 96%, which is slightly up from last year and one of the highest middle school rates in the district. While we certainly do different things at school to encourage and celebrate high attendance, we know that the most important piece is you. So thank you parents for encouraging your students to be here and emphasizing the importance of an education!

One other area where we have shown improvement as a school is in the area of chronic absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism is defined as being absent, excused or not, for the equivalent of 10% or more of the days a student has been enrolled. As a school, we do reach out to homes where this is (or is about to be) a concern. Thankfully, this is something that students can easily improve upon, and we will look for new ways to celebrate these successes in the future.

If you have any attendance questions, you can always contact either Alicia LaConte ([email protected]) or Jason Laufenberg ([email protected]) at 303-828-3391.

In the meantime, thank you for your commitment to your child and our school.

Erie Middle School