Dawson Summer Initiative: FREE Summer Academic Opportunity

Dawson Summer Initiative (DSI) offers a free summer academic program that follows a thematic approach and is geared to high-achieving, independent students who are currently in Grade 6 and Grade 7

Over the past ten summers, we have enjoyed working with students from your school and over 30 different schools predominantly in the St. Vrain, Boulder Valley, and Adams 12 School Districts. The program is geared toward effective collaborators who seek opportunities to work with peers from other schools, sharing like-minded goals. DSI feels that students benefit from engaging with a diverse group of advanced learners to solve current complex issues affecting us all.

Even though summer may seem far away, the application process runs from December 2, 2019-February 5, 2020.
 Dates of Program: Tuesday, June 2-Thursday, July 2, 2020Summer 2020 Theme: One Planet: Design Our Future Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 * We reccomend that families request confidential Recommendations three weeks in advance of the deadline in order to give you plenty of time.* Enrollment decisions are not made on a first-come-first-serve basis. All completed applications received on or before February 5 will be read at the same time, and applicants will all hear a decision by March 6, 2020. Links:Application details: Information and Instructions DSI_How-to-Apply(There is also a pdf format available here in which you may print out the application in its entirety.)

* We require one Principal/Counselor form and two Teacher Recommendations from current academic teachers.* All Recommendations are strictly confidential; parents and students sign the application, waiving their rights to see the completed Recommendations.




Erie Middle School