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Hello Families:

First, let me tell you how much I miss seeing your kids in our halls and classrooms each day. Their smiles and laughter brighten my days. I have always said we have the best students at EMS, and being away from them has solidified that statement. They are truly amazing young people and they continue to amaze me during this time with their resilience as they continue with their online learning. 

As someone who has a 6th and 7th grader at home, I can empathize with the difficulties of keeping two kids actively engaged in their learning while managing a workload. Our students are finding success in their online studies, and I know many families have found numerous ways to help and support their students at home. If you have found a successful strategy, keep using it! I have found that having a consistent structure has been crucial for my family. However, this structure has to be flexible enough for those moments of stress, fun, and breaks that arise during this unprecedented time. As we have navigated this new normal we have tried a couple of different strategies to organize and create a system that works. It has all been trial and error and you have to find what works for your situation.

What we found has worked best in our home was to use a paper planner. At the beginning of each week, we write down what has to be done each day, for each class in the planner. We then highlight the assignments that have to be submitted into schoology. We have also included time to exercise outside, read a book for fun and daily chores. My kids know that they cross off each thing as it is completed. Once they finish everything for the day, they are free to play and have fun in the house and yard the rest of the day! We check everything in the evening through their Schoology accounts and they show me everything they had to submit for the day and we double check the planner as a team. This has given us a neutral-fact based way to check assignments, without all the other things that are assigned in schoology for instruction. It has reduced arguments, stress and both of my students are finding success with the system!

This of course is just a system that I have found that worked for my family. You know your family, and what will work best for them. Some suggestions are listed below that can help you and your student(s) successfully navigate the last few weeks of online learning. If you or your student(s) need help or support please reach out! We are all here to support you.

All my best,

Erin Brueggeman

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