iReady Assesements

Hello Erie Middle School Families,

We hope that this August has been a smooth transition to online learning and that your child is adjusting well. We are emphasizing connections more than ever this year, and our teachers and staff are making every effort to know students and best tailor lessons toward them. Now that teachers have established the routines of their classrooms, we are about to begin our iReady assessment for math and language arts. 

Since we do not have any assessment data from the spring iReady or from CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success), the data from this fall’s iReady assessment will prove particularly useful in helping teachers tailor lessons, support student strengths, and determine what areas students might need additional supports or small group interventions. 

Our fall iReady math assessment will run from Wednesday, August 26th until Friday, August 28th. Language arts will be from Wednesday, September 2nd until Friday, September 4th. The assessment typically takes 90 minutes and class time is given to complete this. Students will be able to take the test on their school iPad, but they must work alone and in a quiet environment free from distractions (headphones/earbuds can help with this). We’ve included some tips below for administering the iReady at home and ways to support your child through the test itself. Your child’s teachers will be reaching out to you with specific directions about when and how to take the assessment. 

Thank you for your flexibility during these times. Should you have any questions about the iReady assessment, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Erie Middle School