Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello Erie Middle School Families,  

It is time to schedule our Fall Conferences.  Conferences are scheduled for October 8th, October 12th, October 13th, October 14th from 3:15pm-7:30pm.  They are going to look a bit different than previous years.  

6th grade families, as we have done in the past, conferences will allow for parents to meet with all four core teachers. Although this year that will occur virtually in one WebEx room for a ten-minute block.  When selecting your conference day and time, you will only see one teacher available to schedule with.  The teacher shown will be your student’s science teacher ONLY.  All of your child’s core teachers will be present in this WebEx room for the conference.

7th & 8th grade families, when selecting your day and time, you will see ALL of your student’s core teachers.  You can book an appointment with any or all teachers shown. You will meet individually with each teacher chosen, and appointments will be five minutes in length.  All meetings will take place virtually in each teacher’s personal WebEx room. 

Electives (all families), when selecting this option, you will see Q1 elective teachers for your student(s).  You can book an appointment with as many teachers as you like.   Appointments will be five minutes in length and will take place virtually in the teacher’s personal WebEx room.

For all WebEx conferences, your student will log into WebEx with their school iPad using their SVVSD username and password. If you have a split household, your student will share login information with all guardians attending the scheduled WebEx conferences. Logging in can take place from an alternate device. However, you MUST have an SVVSD login to attend any WebEx conference. The address of all WebEx rooms is

To sign up for conferences, follow this link MEET THE TEACHER.  You will log in with your Infinite Campus email address, your student’s name, as well as your student’s birthdate.  To ensure our conferences stay on schedule, please arrive on time.

Attached is a guide to assist you in scheduling your conferences in Meet The Teacher, as well as a guide to using WebEx for virtual conferences.  

Feel free to reach out to Kelli Crannell at 720-652-8284 or [email protected] if you need further assistance scheduling a conference or have any additional questions.

Erie Middle School