Student Sign In and Sign Out Procedures

For the safety of our staff and students, parents or guardians will not be permitted in the school building. 

We will be using the attached form for check in/out of students.  This form is REQUIRED to check a student in/out.

If you are checking your student in late, you or your student can complete the form.  Please ensure that your student has entered the building before you pull away.

If you are checking your student out for an appointment or for the day, ONLY, a parent/guardian listed in Infinite Campus is allowed to check a student out.  Please fill out the form, and if possible, please call the school at 303-828-3391 to notify us that you have filled out the form in the unlikely event that our systems are down.  Upon receipt of the form, your student will be called out of class and will be sent to the front office.  A staff member will walk your student to the door and will check your ID.  Please feel free to stay in your car until you see us at the front door in the event of bad weather.

Please allow ample time to fill the form out, for your student to be called to the office, and for an ID check.

The form will be available under our “Attendance Tab” on our website at  It will also be posted on the front doors as a QR code and in every newsletter under “Frequently Visited Links”.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Click here for the EMS Sign In and Sign Out Form

Erie Middle School