November Newsletter From the EMS Counseling Department

Helping kids be goal setters

Many of the world’s most successful people have unique traits which have help them achieve their success. Studies have found that one of the most useful traits successful people have mastered is Goal-setting. But goal-setting isn’t just for grown-ups. Kids can also learn this valuable skill at any age to help guide them to their own success. Goal setting can be used to help students find success in academics, athletics and in everyday life.

Dr. Michelle Borba is an educational psychologist and successful speaker on all topics related to child education. In the following articles Dr. Borba offers parents strategies that teach children to set goals that ultimately will help them be more successful in life. The article outlines 7 steps of goal setting:

  1. Define what a goal is. Link the goal to an area of interest.
  2. Share your own goals with your kids. Model how you have dreams and need to work hard to achieve them.
  3. Help kids create their “dream list”. Help them create goals that they have the power to achieve.
  4.  Tailor the goal to your kids. This should be a short-term goal that they can achieve in a week.
  5. Help your child think through steps to succeed.
  6. Track your child’s progress with them. Use visuals like a chart displayed on the wall in the kitchen.
  7. Celebrate! As goals are achieved celebrate as a family.

Click on the link to read Dr. Borba article:  Link

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