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Halloween Dance/Costume Guidelines

 Student Council would like to announce the Fall dance on Friday, October 29th from 3:15pm to 4:15pm. Tickets were sold before school last week. If you are still needing to buy a ticket please contact Mr. Collins or Mrs. Hersom.

Concessions will be sold at the dance. Food & drink items will all cost $1 except for pizza which will be $2 at the dance.

What to wear: Semi-Formal attire or Halloween costume.

** No buses will be available after the event so parents/guardians will need to pick up. Please pick up your student on the north side of the school in the pick up lane**

Students who are wanting to dress up for Halloween will have the opportunity to do so during the day and at the dance on Friday, October 29th. It is important to remember that school dress code applies to all costumes worn to school.

Costumes cannot create a distraction or disruption at school, as safety is always the top priority. Staff must be able to recognize students; therefore, students may not wear face masks, sunglasses, fake blood, excessive face paint, and anything that covers the entire face. Weapons (real or facsimile) are also not allowed.

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