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An Update from our Dean of Students, Mr. Tomasek

Dear Erie Middle School,

As we move further into fall and the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to start off by giving my thanks.  Thank you to the Erie Middle School community, staff, and students.  You have all made my transition into the school so easy and welcoming.  Every interaction with each and every one of you strengthens my belief that I made the right decision in becoming an Erie Middle School Tiger.  I appreciate all of you very much.

It has been very encouraging to see us all settle into the school year.  In the classroom, hallway, and cafeteria we are seeing students exhibit the Tiger Way by working hard in the classroom to complete individual and group assignments, being respectful of each other as they use lockers, and helping clean up in the cafeteria.  These behaviors are being rewarded by the staff with our ROARS awards that can be redeemed in the ROARS Store and quarter 2 has seen a decline in referrals and consequences as a result.  Please keep up the effort in creating a positive educational experience for everyone.  Teachers love rewarding those positive Tiger behaviors and we will keep that ROARS Store stocked!

As we all work together to help our students have the best Erie Middle School experience they can, there are a few behaviors we are working on.  Let’s all get onboard with The Tiger Way and build positive behaviors.  First and foremost, we all need to respect the learning environment and remember that our actions can affect others, so come to class prepared to learn.  Secondly, we all know the hallways can become crowded at times.  Please make your way directly to your next class to keep the halls less packed.  Keep your hands to yourselves and respect other people’s space.  Lastly, when in the cafeteria and out at recess remember that we have to try and eat fairly quickly and make our way outside.  The goal is for each of you to spend under 15 minutes in the cafeteria once you have gotten seated.  I would be very thankful if each grade level would take responsibility for putting away the balls that they use during recess.  If you borrow something, it is common courtesy to return it from where you got it.  Please help Mr. Tom, Mr. Rich, and Mr. Matt by cleaning up and putting things away. 

As a parent myself, I have seen the impact that social media has on teenagers.  I advise you to monitor social media very closely and stay updated on the latest TikTok trends, both positive and negative, to stay informed of those outside influences on today’s youth.  Regular check-ins on search histories and chat rooms are a very good way to keep informed about how they are using electronic devices.

Let’s make our goal for November to be more THANKFUL!  And show that thanks by helping each other to be better each day!

Mr. Tomasek

Dean of Students

Erie Middle School