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2021-2022 Late Start Schedules and Overview

Our vision at Erie Middle School is to empower all students to achieve academic growth to become lifelong learners, positive global contributors, and future leaders.  The mission to achieve this goal includes working together to create a nurturing and safe environment to develop the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students.  There are seven late start days throughout the school year where classes start at 10:30 AM.  This allows staff to collaborate once a month with professional development and discuss how to best meet the needs of our students and reach our school goals. 

This year, most late start days will have students see all classes for an abbreviated period of time. It is important that students attend each of our late start days, and we ask that you treat them as you would a regular school day. TWO late start days will be designated as Health Curriculum days with lessons focused on required comprehensive health standards.  Students will rotate through their schedule as normal, and the core and elective teachers will cover Health lessons on the March and April Late Start. The twelve lessons over both days will be fulfilling state mandated health education requirements. 

Late Start Days

September 1Regular Day – Students See All Classes
November 3Regular Day – Students See All Classes
December 1Regular Day – Students See All Classes
February 2Regular Day – Students See All Classes
March 2Health Curriculum Day 1 (6 lessons)
April 6Health Curriculum Day 2  (6 lessons)
May 7Regular Day – Students See All Classes

Health Days

Lessons focused on the Colorado Comprehensive Health Standards involve a series of lessons (6 each day) covering the State of Colorado Comprehensive Health Standards which focus on: personal decision-making, emotional and social well being, healthy eating and wellness, tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and violence prevention. For a complete listing of these standards, you can access the Colorado Comprehensive Health Standards by following these links on the CDE website: Comprehensive Health Standards 6th-8th Grade Standards   

The standards will be taught using a series of lessons, quizzes, study guides, and discussions that collectively will constitute a health grade which will appear as a pass/fail grade on the 4th quarter report card. If there are specific standards and content that you prefer your child not learn at school, please complete the Health Opt Out Form and your child will not be involved in health instruction related to that subject matter.  Instead, they will be involved in selecting from a variety of alternative lessons to submit to their teacher used to determine their grade. Please complete this form no later than February 25, 2022. This is an opt-out program and all students will be included in health lessons unless we receive a completed opt out form.  If you have any questions regarding the health instruction or curriculum, please contact us at 303-828-3391.

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