School Profile

Our Vision

The Vision of Erie Middle School is to empower all students to achieve academic growth and become lifelong learners, positive global contributors, and future leaders.

Our Mission

The Mission of Erie Middle School is to have all stakeholders work together to create a nurturing and safe environment to develop social, emotional, and academic needs of the whole child.  Use a research-informed best practice approach to foster rigorous academic growth and prepare students for the changing future.

Pre-Advanced Placement Focused School

Erie Middle School is a Pre-Advanced placement focused school. We implement rigorous instruction to prepare all students for the demands of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college level coursework when they transition to Erie High School. Erie High offers a variety of AP courses, starting in 9th grade, and our focus supports the goal for every student to take at least one AP course in their high school career. Rigorous instruction at Erie Middle School includes the integration of innovation and design thinking into our students’ learning to push the limits of their imagination. Our classrooms include solid instructional strategies such as project based and blended learning to engage students at a rigorous level. In addition, teachers provide leadership opportunities and connections within our community that are essential to foster citizenship. Our approach of teaming at every grade level allow teachers to educate smaller groups of students. We also have a strong advisory program that implements social-emotional learning and utilizes flexible academic interventions and enrichment.

At Erie Middle, student engagement extends beyond our traditional, academic courses. Students have the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of elective courses, co-curricular activities, and student-led clubs. Over 75 percent of our students are involved in some form of school activity beyond the learning day. Students are challenged and encouraged at this crucial time in their development to explore their growing interests and strengths. Through these enriching, diverse learning experiences, students are prepared for success as they continue into high school and beyond.