Tiger Support

Tiger Support

At EMS, we strive “To empower all students to achieve academic growth and become lifelong learners".  We know that for many students, extra support outside of the school day is needed to reach this goal. We offer academic support after school for all students from 3:05 to 4:05. (Days and start date to be determined).  We have split our service to each grade level to maximize our student-teacher interaction.




    Teachers in the building will stay to support students.  We may also have some adult mentors and high school mentors helping students to provide more one-on-one support.


    3:05-4:05PM with days to be determined

    • Students must report to the Tiger Support classroom by 3:10 in order to participate.

    • Students must stay at Tiger Support once they have checked in unless picked up by a parent.  Please check in to the office if you plan to pick up your student before 4:05.