To register your student for one of our Athletic offerings, visit the online registration form HERE.   ALL REGISTRATION IS ONLINE! Your athlete must have the online registration complete before they will be allowed to participate.
Registration fee: $55.00 per sport payable online at Revtrak



Currently EMS offers: 

Girls Volleyball

Cross Country (Coed)

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Wrestling (Coed)

Track (Coed)

Soccer (offered through the City of Longmont)


The Erie Middle School Athletic department supports the philosophy of the SVVSD by providing athletic opportunities for all students, of all abilities, the opportunity to build and develop skills in the intramural sports offered. EMS athletics provide a variety of meaningful, fun activities in competitive/traditional settings as well as non-competitive/non-traditional settings. These activities promote physical, mental, social and emotional development through skill building, gaining positive self-esteem, and building cooperation and positive group identity. They also promote a wholesome interest in activities. Our coaches actively coach and work with students to build and hoan skills to improve athletic confidence on and off the court/field.

Athletic Eligibility: Erie Middle School believes in the STUDENT ATHLETE philosophy of CHSAA. To help prepare our athletes for high school athletics EMS will follow the high school eligibility rules. If a student has 2 F's they will be ineligible to play in any competitive competitions for the following week. Erie Middle School also holds our student athletes to a higher standard and any athlete with a failing grade will not be eligible to travel to away competitions if that entails missing classes during the school day.