WEB: Where Everybody Belongs

WEB- WHERE EVERYBODY BELONGS: WEB is a program designed and envisioned by the Boomerang Project to be an anti-bullying curriculum that would change the culture of middle schools. Specifically at EMS, WEB Leaders act as mentors to incoming 6th grade students, known as weblings. The 6th grade year is such a crucial year of transition for students, and the 8th grade WEB Leaders help facilitate this transition in a positive, compassionate way. Monthly meetings are held in small groups.


Each Spring 7th graders undergo an intense application process, including written essays and teacher input. Those exhibiting the highest degrees of kindness, empathy, leadership, and responsibility are chosen to be our WEB Leaders for the next school year. The WEB Leaders are then trained each August to perform activities on the first day of school to help the weblings (6th graders) become comfortable with EMS.


Sponsors: Mr. Gisclair and Mrs. Velasquez