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May Family Connections Newsletter

In this month’s issue of the Family Connections Newsletter, we introduce a new district tool for internet filtering, share resources for setting healthy limits for technology use at home, and share ideas for summer learning activities. To sign up to receive the monthly newsletter in your email, click here.

Principal Update 4/2/21

Greetings EMS Parents and Families, Thank you for your continued partnership in advancing academic growth for our students. We are thankful to have all the students back in the building four days a week. Our students and staff have done an incredible job to make this a successful week and there is a renewed energy […]

Principal Update 2/19/21

Greetings EMS Parents and Families, We are incredibly grateful for your efforts as we work together to support the growth and success of our students. We hope you have been following us on Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed the expressions of gratitude from our staff. If you would like to join us to express […]

Vice Principal Update

Hello EMS Parents and Families, Thank you for your continued support as we enter the month of February and progress through the third quarter. We are pleased to have students on campus and online who take up the challenges presented in this year and not just persevere, but succeed. As such, we’ve looked for new […]

How to Help your Kids Manage Disappointment

With the ongoing pandemic, important events and cherished activities like sports, social gatherings, and clubs, continue to get canceled. Feelings of disappointment are likely to settle in at various levels throughout this year. Here are some helpful strategies that you can utilize to help your kids manage their feelings of disappointment. 1. Listen and Validate: […]

Principal Update 1/8/21

Greetings EMS Parents and Families, We appreciate your continued partnership and the support you have provided to keep our student engaged while online at home this last week and throughout December. We are off to a great start and it would not be possible without our staff, students and families. Please go HERE to view […]

Principal Update 12/18/20

Greetings EMS Parents and Families, I want to start by thanking you for your continued partnership, especially through the month of December as our students engaged in remote learning. We know you have worked incredibly hard to help our students stay engaged with their classes and teachers. I am grateful for your trust and collaboration. […]

Health Education

On the Friday Late Start days of February 5 and March 5, all students at Erie Middle School will be fulfilling state mandated health education requirements. Students will be involved in a series of 10 lessons (five per day) covering the State of Colorado Comprehensive Health Standards, which focuses on personal decision-making, emotional and social […]