Changes to Sign In/Out Process for Parents & Students

Hello EMS Families,

Thank you for everything you do to communicate regarding your child’s absences or checking in or checking out for appointments, etc. I am emailing to let you know that we will be adjusting the sign in/sign out procedures beginning Monday, March 4th.

We have a lot of traffic in and out of our main office during the school day, and we have revised our sign in/sign out procedures to be more efficient and smooth for our students and families.


When a student is coming into school late, you can sign them in ahead of time OR they can sign themselves in when they come into the office.  You can drop them off, make sure they get in the front doors, and we will take it from there. When dropping off your student, there is no need for you to come into the front office with your child.


We strongly encourage you to fill out the google form ahead of time to expedite the pick up process. This not only helps the front office staff, but helps you get in and out quickly.  We make every effort to call your student up to the office 5 minutes before the time you put on the form so they are ready to go when you get to school. If you arrive before your student makes it up to the front office, we will have you wait for them in the foyer.

We understand that sometimes you will not be able to sign your student out until you arrive at the school. In this case, we have posted the QR code in the foyer and have added chairs for your convenience.  As soon as the QR code is filled out and pops up on our spreadsheet, we will call your student up. Please remember to bring your ID each time you pick up your student.  If an ID check is needed, we will have you step into the front office. After that ID check we will have you wait for your student in the foyer. We will have them meet you there as they come through the front office.

We have many times that the person picking up doesn’t know our procedures. Please share this information with your spouse, significant other, grandparents, siblings or anyone else that may be picking up your student.

As a reminder, always get a note from any type of appointment your student has for attendance purposes.

You can access the check in/check out google form here.  A link is also in all of our newsletters and it is also on our website under “Support” and then “Attendance”.

Thank you, 

Andrea Smith


Erie Middle School

Erie Middle School